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CIGRE operates the world’s foremost knowledge programme, spanning 16 domains of work encompassing all the core areas of the power system. Across these domains 250+ Working Groups draw and build on practical expertise to solve existing and future challenges facing the power system.

Overview of the Membership Plans Available

Collective - Category 1: Ordinary Collective Members

This Category (legal entities members) includes Electricity Companies members of the WAPP, Administrative Entities, Scientific and Technical Organizations, Research Institutes, Public or Private Companies of industrial or commercial nature, Government Ministries, etc. This category of members also includes Consulting Engineers interested in works related to electrical networks.


Some Benefits:

  1. Upskill your teams and be prepared for the future by connecting with the wider power system industry
  2. Solve technical challenges by sourcing different perspectives from across the globe
  3. Receive up to 50 accounts to and ELECTRA
  4. Receive up to six discounted registrations to the Paris Session and other events

Collective - Category 2: University Collective Members

This Category encompasses Universities and Institutions of Higher Education. Each collective member shall designate an official representative, preferably from the highest level of an engineering or technical unit of the organization, to whom all correspondence from CIGRE-AO shall be addressed through its General Management. This official representative or his substitute exercises voting rights.


Some Benefits:

  1. Inform your research and teaching work with in-depth industry connections
  2. Collaborate with power system professionals working in applied situations
  3. Develop your network of peers and professional contacts
  4. Access other industry experts and academics
  5. Access the foremost global technical library

Individual - Category 1: Ordinary Individual Members

With this Category, you can gain Membership as an Engineer, a Business Executive, a Researcher, a Professor, etc (personal and non-transferable).


Some Benefits:

  1. Free access to and ELECTRA
  2. Access perspectives, expertise, and peers from every corner of the globe
  3. Be eligible for full technical participation and awards
  4. Collaborate with experts and be prepared for the future
  5. Contribute to sustainable electricity for the whole world

Individual - Category 2: Young Members

This particular Category includes Young Engineers under the age of 35. They enjoy the same benefits as regular individual members.


Some Benefits:

  1. Free access to and ELECTRA
  2. Collaborate with experts
  3. Grow your skills and strive to be one of the future experts of CIGRE
  4. Develop your career contacts
  5. Contribute to sustainable electricity in the whole world

Individual - Category 3: Student Members

This specific Category includes student members: free membership upon presentation of proof of status as a student each year.
Note verification is required before membership rights will open.


Some Benefits:

  1. Access world-class technical materials to assist with your studies
  2. Free access to and ELECTRA
  3. Learn from expert-applied work from around the globe
  4. Make contacts for your future career

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Introducing the authoritative source

Introducing the authoritative source

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