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Useful information and links for members

Brand, Logo and communications resources

A subsite that offers all the brand and comms resources about CIGRE.

You can download logos, brochures and more.  Visit now>

Governing bodies

Visit this page for information on CIGRE’s Steering Committee & Technical Council>

Knowledge Management System

implemented in January 2016 the CIGRE Knowledge Management System, or KMS, is the main platform for the collaborative work of the Study Committees, Working Groups and various National Committees as Mirror Panels, Next Generation Network or Women’s Network.

Read more on our KMS here>

Go directly to the login here>

Membership renewal or profile update

Follow this link to renew your membership>

Or update your profile here>

National Committee directory

You can view a full directory of the CIGRE National Committees here>

National Committee and Study committee online resources

Links follow for the online tools NCs and SCs use.

For NCs

For both

Paris Session information

For information on the biennial Paris Session visit

For the exhibition website go to

PowerPoint presentations standard templates

Available from the marketing resources site at:

Presenter for smartphones and tablets

Introduce CIGRE to your colleagues from your smartphone with our standard presentation at


Online library of resources: e-cigre>

Digital magazines:

Study committee information

Follow the link for the 16 Study Committees>

For a summary of the CIGRE scope of work and current working groups download this pdf>

Technical Brochure template

You can download the current template for Technical Brochures here>

And the Technical Brochure’s specifications here>

Working groups

The list of active Working Groups available here>

Why Join CIGRE

Introducing the authoritative source

Introducing the authoritative source

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